BoeckHerBerg is a printed matter event, conceived as an inn full of conversations. Graphic designers Laura Bergans and Anne De Boeck ask a creative souls to share their favorite books or other inspiring printed matter with an interested audience. Conversations can arise between guests and invitees around the table while browsing through the works brought along. What dynamics exist between what an artist or designer sees, reads, collects, hears, … and ultimately creates?

BoeckHerBerg#9 with Alex Deforce, Thijs Desmet, Liesbet Grupping, Joris Kritis, Chiara Lammens, Margarita Maximova, Leticia Sere, Seppe Van den Berghe.

Sunday 29 August 2-6pm, Sint-Lukas Academie, Groenstraat 156, 1030 Brussels