Zomerboek is an art book which I made in the summer of 2021-22 in the shade of the mulberry tree, roses and grapevine. It contains photographic reproductions of cyanotypes I made in the shadow of the garden. As if I caught the light that shine on my pages, while reading a book in the shade under a tree. In between these printed cyanotype-reproductions, I inserted folded photocopies of excerpts from books I read during that same summer.

Zomerboek is the first of a series.

Zomerboek details:

Limited edition of 24 copies, numbered and signed.
All copies include 1 original cyanotype.
48 pages + 7 folded photocopies + 1 cyanotype
24 x 19 cm

Orde your copy: mail@liesbetgrupping.be