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Het Orakel/ The Oracle Gallery is excited to open it’s doors with an unquenchable fire for a a new exhibition ‘GLUK GLUK GLUK’. The opening will take place on Saturday March 9 2024. For this occasion Het Orakel brings together one Art Collective and 10 contemporary artists, who balance on the cord (with slippers!) between visual art and performance. Whether their work came into existence through a performative act, or the work itself leads up to a performance (even only in your head), both of these experiences are fascinating for the artists. The expression ‘GLUK GLUK GLUK’ is both an onomatopoeia which fonetically imitates the sound one makes drinking water in community on a hot summer’s day from  selfmade clay cups, dreaming up a society without violence and on the other hand a wish of ‘geluk’ for the spectator.  Every artist and their work in this exhibition represents a form of ‘geluk’ for curator Fyodorovna. There will be a handfelted rug which can be used to wrap, to sing, to pray, to love, to dream… a  book crafted in a way that one wonders forever in circles, two violins inspired by Einstein on the beach, Händel and Midori play the sound of a carpet , a woman enters the space with a little red book and looks mysteriously into the far distance… while another woman is rooting in the ground and digging into her soul, one man brings eternal happyning vinyls to the table and another man brings cosmic sounds, there is a frivolous vase, a painting that is an exquisite festive of colors, red poppies! and a picture that mesmerizes in it’s meticulous colorplay. Did I mention a painting of a cat? One knows that being unhappy in the approximity of a cat is impossible. Ask Hemingway! This exhibition will be constructed in a way where theatre and exhibition meet, where craftmanship is valued and Human interaction at the core of the experience. Every viewer will be part of the GLUK experience though which is ultimate contentment and Happy Days by Beckett will never be far away…We come to disperse dark clouds and to tame the fates!

OPENING 09.03.2024
15 – 19h

exhibition from 09.03 – 07.04.2024
open: friday – sunday 14 – 18h

by appointment:

Het Orakel / The Oracle Gallery
Isabella Brantstraat 11
2018 Antwerpen