Matière Critique, explorations photographiques

Edith Bories, Lara Gasparotto, Liesbet Grupping, Lucas Leffler, Hélène Petite, Dries Segers, Thomas Vandenberghe and Laure Winants.

curated by Marie Papazoglou

opening 25 January at ISELP

26.01 — 23.03.2024

Matière Critique

‘If photography has today become largely dematerialized, certain artists have on the contrary, focused their work on the heart of its physicality.

The exhibition brings together eight artists with their own experimental practices. lt sees their voices as forms of resistance against the current deluge of digital images, their standardisation and their obsoles­cence. By favouring slow, complex and often ancient processes, by cultivating the pictorial dimension of photochemistry, by welcoming or even causing mistakes and imperfections, the research presented highlights certain pitfalls and challenges posed by our contemporary society.’

31 bd de Waterloo
1000 Bruxelles