Bric di Conoia – Pizzo d’Ormea

The triptych Bric di Conoia – Pizzo d’Ormea (IT) consists of three images taken in Piedmont, Italy. They were taken separately during different walks. The interplay between the original shots was discovered spontaneously during the scanning process and they were scanned as one large image, using the scanner window as an additional frame. As such, the triptych emphasises the interplay with the optical device. The frames are self made and colored by hand with graphite.

[…] With ‘The Wedge’ Heylen and Grupping search for the origins of and the driving force behind the technology of tools, instruments and devices. They question the limits of the artist, and by extension all of humanity when facing technology: when does the device begin to determine the user’s behavior, and to what extent do we have control over the processes that devices follow. In other words, when does the machine begin and the human end. It is in that transition, in the ambiguity between natural and artificial, that they find their artistic playing field.

excerpt of the exhibition text: The Wedge, Lodewijk Heylen and Liesbet Grupping, Violet, Antwerp, Belgium, 2023

Bric di Conoia – Pizzo d’Ormea (IT) was on display during ‘The Wedge’.

With the support of Flanders State of the Art