Drawings of the Wind

Drawings of the wind are made by inversing the conventional way of drawing: instead of pressing the pencil on the paper, the wind lets the paper move underneath the pencil point. The wind starts drawing lines whilst wrinkling the paper. As such the white sheet gets a drawing as well as a mini-landscape. By attaching the sheet lightly to the wall it will lift up with the slightest sigh of wind – as such it finds itself in a continuous state of latent movement. Besides the actual drawings of the wind, a photograph from that same wind is taken up in the series. This image is generated through a black bag featuring a hole as well as a 4 x 5 inch slide – as a mobile camera obscura if it were. This black bag is lifted up by the wind which triggers the making of the image. These pieces were made during a residence in Lux in Oostende (Belgian coast).