Violet is at one end of the spectrum of visible light, between blue light, which has a longer wavelength, and ultraviolet light, which has a shorter wavelength and is not visible to humans. Violet encompasses light with a wavelength of approximately 380 to 435 nanometers. Violet objects often appear dark, because human vision is relatively insensitive to those wavelengths. [wikipedia]

I approach my studio, which I have given the name Violet, as a hybrid place where showing, thinking and creation alternate. The name refers to the color violet, to which the human eye is less sensitive. 

Violet is a space for contemporary art in Antwerp with a dedication to emerging and mid-career artists from Belgium and the rest of the world. Violet aims to evoke interplay and dialogue between the artists, their practices and the viewer. As such Violet focuses on making visible artistic processes that often remain hidden. Within the walls of the old bakery shop in the Eugeen Joorsstraat, violet invite the viewer to an intimate, playful and sometimes unsettling experience.

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Flanders State of the Art