‘sun prints’ made in the shade of the mulberry tree, grapevine and patio with hollyhocks and fragrant jasmine in the Eugeen Joorsstraat in Antwerp, in the summer of 2020 and 2021. Alternating between hammock and garden chair, feet under and on the table, I read ‘ the first time I lost my hat” by Colette. I reposition and light up the page. Squeeze the book, observe the shifting of the shadow and end up in the hammock in Cussangy where I got the idea to print this summer book. I read and walk through the garden with white pages, breathe calmly and count 8 minutes and 19 seconds which is the time sunlight needs to reach us and to expose the paper. Rinse with water and it turns blue.

and excerpts from:

Taoïsme (Dutch) by Patricia de Martelaere
Silk by Alessandro Baricco
In praise of shadows by Junichiro Tanizaki
De eerste keer dat ik mijn hoed verloor (Dutch) van Colette
De andere kant van de natuur (Dutch) by Rainer Maria Rilke
Nieuwe bloemengids (Dutch) by Tirion

in short,

Zomerboek is an artist’s book and consists of photographic reproductions of cyanotypes made in the shadow of the garden. In between these reproductions I inserted folded photocopies of excerpts from the books I read during that same summer. As such I collect and archive the literature I read in the summer and feeds my artistic practice. This book was printed in 2022 and is the first in a series.


limited edition of 24 copies
each copy contains one original cyanotype, numbered and signed
48 pages + 7 photocopies + 1 cyanotype
24 x 19 cm

Order your copy by mail@liesbetgrupping.be